Wyn's Cinnabar- 9-10 Inch Hot Red/Orange Dinnerplate Dahlia

Hot, Bright, Big!
Wyn's Cinnabar- 9" Bright Red/Orange Dinnerplate Dahlia

Wyn's Cinnabar is a standout in the garden.

  It is a 4 foot tall plant with huge, 9"-10" bright red-orange dinnerplate sized dahlias with yellow near the center. Cinnabar opens earlier than other large dahlias.

This flashy giant is easy to grow on a sturdy plant that carries the flowers high for all to see.

The strong stems are a dark contrast to the bloom.

 It produces good tubers that store well.

Wyn's Cinnabar is a must have for people who like to be successful at growing BIG dahlias!

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