Snake Eyes-Woops.....

Snake Eyes- 2.5 Inch White Prolific Bloomer!
Snake Eyes- 2.5 Inch White Prolific Bloomer!

Woops:.... A mistake was made. Our Snake Eyes tubers became mixed with a group of Robin Hood tubers. Take a gamble on this mistake. Buy one and get one free!! You may get one of each variety or you may get two-of-a kind. It will be exciting to see what variety you are growing. Either of these varieties is a sure winner and worth the gamble!

Snake Eyes is a free blooming white dahlia.

The 2.5-3 inch blooms last a long time on the plant.

The white blooms have good stems for arranging.

The 3.5 foot tall plant provides a constant supply of cut flowers all season.

We will be planting extras!

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