From July 14 thru September, Alpha Dahlias offers the following Services   CALL: 412-657-1989


   Wholesale Floral Trade: Alpha Dahlias offers the freshest Premium Cut Dahlia Flowers which are sold in bunches of 5 matching stems.  Each order is cut fresh for each customer. The dahlias are in buckets of water and are ready to be picked up at our beautiful Sewickley location near the Sewickley Heights Golf Club. Call in advance to place your order.

Do It Yourself Weddings -Retail Customers-110 custom color stems- $300.00+tax  Reserve in advance. 

Buckets of Mixed Dahlias: Alpha Dahlias sells buckets of cut dahlias to the public for $32.00+tax. The average buckets contain 15-17 varieties. Buckets must be ordered in advance and picked up by appointment.    CALL:  412-657-1989