Pooh- Collarette Dahlia-Great Pollinator

Yes, this is a dahlia! And, what a dahlia it is!
The butterflies and the bees love Pooh!

Yes, this is a dahlia! Pooh is an award winning collarette dahlia.

 This eyecatching 3.5 inch bloom waves its colorful head from a bushy, 4 foot tall plant.

The flowers grow on long stems and can be cut while very young.

I grow this plant for the pleasure and entertainment that it gives me. I plant it across from where I sit.

There are 4 plants, back to back. It looks like a giant bush with cheerful blooms sticking out all over. The buds I see in  the morning are blooms by noon!

There is activity all day long. Pooh dahlia is constantly visited by butterflies and bees.

This dahlia provides endless photo opportunities.

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