Park Princess-Low Growing Pink Beauty

Park Princess-Low Growing 4 inch Dahlia
Park Princess-Perfect Pink Cactus Dahlias on Lush Green Foliage.Park Princess Growing in a Flower Pot on a Deck.

Low Growing Dahlia.

Park Princess is a 3 foot tall flower factory.

The 4 inch pink, cactus dahlia flowers float above the lush floiage on strong, straight stems all season long.

Here at Alpha Dahlias, we planted a row of Park Princess dahlia plants. The mass look of these Park Princess dahlias is show stopping!

This plant could be interesting growing in a border or lining a pathway.

It can be planted in a pot.

We are impressed with the beauty of these perfect pink cactus blooms and the health and vigor of these 3 foot tall plants.

We also cut these for beautiful bouquets.

Small tubers.



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