Kenora Lisa-7 Inch Pink/Peach Dahlia

Kenora Lisa has lots of petals and the blooms last a long time. Cut Them, Show T
Cut Them, Show Them, Grow Them!Kenora Lisa in a large Church Alter Arrangement.

Kenora Lisa has beautiful 7 inch, pink/peach flowers that have substance.

This dahlia has lots of petals and it blooms a long time.

The stems are long and strong for cutting or growing in the garden.

The plant is a bit slow to start in the spring, but come summer-POW! Gorgeous flowers all summer long.

Cut them, Show them, Grow them.

You will be pleased with the performance of this Award Winning Dahlia!

The plant is manageable at 4 feet tall and it looks great in the garden or in a vase.


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