Brookside Cheri- 5 Inch Pink/Salmon Dahlia-High Production Dahlia

Brookside Cheri-5 Inch Beauty
Brookside Cheri-5 Inch Beauty

Brookside Cheri is one of the top producing dahlias at Alpha Dahlias.

It grows to 5 feet tall and produces perfect 5" salmon/pink dahlia flowers over a long blooming season.

We choose this variety when very long stems are needed.

It is an outstanding show flower as well as a prolific cut flower.

This dahlia takes on different colors and the shape of the petals change from round to pointy as the summer goes on. All the stages of Brookside Cheri are beautiful and that makes this dahlia an interesting addition.

Brookside Cheri is easy to grow and it produces lots of tubers that store well.

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