Bo Peep- 4-5" Easy to Grow!

Bo Peep- Great cut flower. Good stems.

This dahlia is easy to grow. I recommend it!

Bo Peep is beautiful and elegant. It grows on a nice 3.5' plant that looks great in the garden.

The many blooms hold well on the plant.

If you decide to cut them, they last a long time in a vase.

We cut this flower every day for bouquet work. It is a full flower with lots of petals and the color goes well with everything!

Bo Peep has loads of 4-5 inch dahlia flowers with pale ivory yellow near the center.  Bo Peep changes color during the blooming season. Sometimes Bo Peep is light pink and sometimes Bo Peep is pale peach.

Very pretty, full blooms, good stems, good vase life!

Lots of great cut flowers!

Bo Peep produces big tubers that store well.



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