Blizzard-4 Inch-Our Best White Dahlia

Blizzard-High volume producer!
Blizzard- Pure white 4 inch dahlia. Great cut flower!Blizzard-4 Inch-High volume producer!Blizzard- Pure white 4 inch cut flower. Easy to grow.

New, Lower Price! We have soooo many tubers. Enjoy the price break!

**This is Absolutely Our Best White Production Dahlia!**

We sell more of this dahlia than any other dahlia that we grow.

We grow more Blizzard than any other variety.

Blizzard is our number one white production flower.

The 4 inch Formal Decorative blooms are an elegant, pure white color and they are very sturdy.

Blizzard has a long vase life.

The stems are long and straight.  

The plant is hefty, strong and 4 feet tall.

Blizzard produces lots of good tubers that store well.

White dahlias are wonderful for cut flower growers.

This One is our Best White Production Dahlia!



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