About Alpha Dahlias

Two Award Winning Pittsburgh Artists, Evy Rogers and Joe Jacob, (www.jacobrogersart.com), have created a formal dahlia garden as seen through the eyes of an artist . As the Western Pennsylvania weather warms, the Artist Garden at Alpha Dahlias comes to life. A gentle walking path is lined with fifty raised flower beds of every imaginable color, shape and size of colorful dahlias. Photos of the garden and the blooming beds can be viewed in Alpha Dahlias "Image Gallery". Dahlias are known for their fall beauty and bloom from early July until late October.

An additional field of dahlias creates a patchwork of color as the cut flower field blooms. This field produces dahlia blooms for the floral trade. The field dahlias are grown to produce numbers of matching dahlias with a long vase life and good stems. We happily work to provide the trades with the best service for color matching. 

Beautiful premium cut dahlia flowers are ready for sale from mid July thru September.

In November,Alpha Dahlias digs up all the dahlias and divides them for next year's planting and sells the remaining dahlia tubers(bulbs) to gardeners across the country through sales on this website. Dahlia tubers sales will begin online in December with April/May shipping dates.

Let Alpha Dahlias gracefully fill your special needs.

email: evy@alphadahlias.com