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2016 TUBER SALE WILL BEGIN ONLINE IN DECEMBER. Order 4 or more tubers and receive a free gift tuber from Alpha Dahlias


Welcome to Alpha Dahlias. It is November 2015.

        All of our dahlia tuber bulbs have been lifted from the ground. We had beautiful weather for digging. The tubers bulbs look great!                                                                         

        The online sale of Alpha Dahlia tuber bulbs will begin in December. By then, all our tuber bulbs will be divided and counted and posted on line.      

       The website will have been updated with our newest additions.

      The "sold out" signs will be replaced with a counter that tells you how many tubers are available for that variety.

      Select from over 100 varieties of dahlias that we grow at Alpha Dahlias.

     Look at the photos of the dahlias and read about that variety. Click on the dahlia photo for buying information.

      All of our tuber sales are through our online store where you can pay with your credit cards by using PayPal to safely process your transaction.

   You do not need to be a member of PayPal to use your credit card with them.                                                                                                                                            The tuber bulbs will stay in our Alpha Dahlias controlled winter storage until Spring planting time. 

   We ship starting in mid April via USPS Priority Mail.

Order 4 or more tubers and receive a free gift tuber  from Alpha Dahlias.  


Here are our shipping prices:

1-5 Tubers=$6.95        

6-10 Tubers=$10.50

11-35 Tubers=$14.50   

36+ Tubers=$25.00  

                                                                                               Our tubers are also being sold by the Penn State Master Gardeners at their Spring Symposium in April.

       The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden featured Alpha Dahlias for their Town and Country Garden Tour. The tour showcased "Artists and their Gardens".

   Check out our art at www.jacobrogersart.com.

               In addition to Alpha Dahlias, we are also Jacob Rogers Art.

We make art furniture in the winter.       

Jacob Rogers Art                 www.jacobrogersart.com