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  2017 TUBER SALE   2017 TUBER SALE   2017 TUBER SALE    It is now December 2016. We are dividing and counting our dahlia tubers.  The 2017 online tuber sale will begin in the next few weeks.  Watch this website for the opening date of our online store sales. Alpha Dahlias will safely store your dahlia tubers over the winter. All tubers will be shipped in April. We do not ship outside of lower 48 states, USA.


1-5 TUBERS-$7.95

6-15 TUBERS-11.50

16-35 TUBERS-$15.50

36+ TUBERS-$26.00


Here is a list of some of our favorite, high yield dahlia cut flower varieties that also have good tuber production:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Black Satin,


Bo Peep,

Brookside Cheri,

Chilson's Pride,

Ginger Snap,


Lupin Chris,

Raspberry Royale,

Roban Royal,

Robin Hood,



Victoria Ann,

Windhaven Blush












Iowa State University featured Alpha Dahlias in their beautiful Reiman Garden display "Fireworks".                                            


       The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden featured Alpha Dahlias for their Town and Country Garden Tour. The tour showcased "Artists and their Gardens".

   Check out our art at www.jacobrogersart.com.

               In addition to Alpha Dahlias, we are also Jacob Rogers Art.

We make art furniture in the winter.       

Jacob Rogers Art                 www.jacobrogersart.com